Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Mobile Device Management

With Revel and the advent of the mobile Point of Sale terminal, mobile device security has become a growing concern for POS system users and business owners, which is why we offer you Mobile Device Management (MDM). The use of accessible WiFi networks, the threat of lost or stolen tablets and POS devices all mean that a POS system run on iPads or other tablets must meet the highest security standards. 

With this growth of the iPad market, a new type of software has also grown in prominence: Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. Thankfully, Revel Systems is the first to adopt MDM software across all of our iPad systems!  MDM software offers a number of advantages to improving the security and functionality of mobile devices in a number of ways:

  • Security –  Starting in 2014, MDM software will be a requirement of all tablet-based POS systems, as required by PCI Compliance. MDM software allows us to lock down or wipe clean any devices that are lost or stolen, as well as check in on them remotely, for added Revel support.  Our CTO and co-Founder, Chris Ciabarra, has an extensive background in data security, and his knowledge of the space led Revel to become the first iPad POS to adopt MDM software
  • Convenience – Through MDM, Revel is able to assist you in managing your Revel POS app remotely.  This means we will be able to automatically notify you when there is a new build available for you, as well as assist you in the upgrade process without the need for any access codes or pins.  This means you will have the most up to date software always, and be up to date on all PCI requirements
  • Efficiency – Along with the ability to lock down an iPad that has been lost or stolen, Revel users can limit their iPads to only the Revel app, meaning employees can’t access extra apps on company time, or waste data beyond the basic Revel requirements Revel’s MDM software will alert you whenever an iPad has low battery life, or lost connection to your network
  • Maintenance – Revel’s MDM software will alert you whenever an iPad has low battery life, or lost connection to your network