Managed WiFi


Cloud Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi from WiCloud Wireless Restaurant Systems enhances your system’s connectivity and functionality, ensuring you won’t experience any slowdown due to a bad Internet connection.  Managed WiFi gives us the ability to receive real-time alerts from your WiFi network so we can proactively resolve potential issues before they impact your system performance. We include this as a bundled service in your monthly subscription!

In our efforts to continually outperform the competition, and provide the highest quality products and services, we at Revel Systems try to think of the entire POS system we sell, not just the software or peripherals. We’re talking about your WiFi Management.  As with any iPad-based system, your WiFi Management and WiFi network is a critical part of your POS, and how successfully you are able to take advantage of all the positive aspects of a cloud-based system.

As a one-stop shop, Revel Systems wanted to offer a service that would help ensure our customers had the most effective WiFi network, no matter what Internet Service Provider (ISP) they used. To that end, we developed our Revel Systems WiFi Management system. Through a simple consultative process, Revel Systems will help any business owner establish a strong WiFi network and WiFi Management system through the use of the ISP provided modem, and additional routers and access points.

These additional access points will bring stronger WiFi connection to different areas of your business, either inside or outside.  While also boosting your signal, these access points will also come pre-configured with powerful network management software that allows our support engineers to monitor your network connectivity and strength, as well as offer remote maintenance when needed. Revel can ensure which hardware is operating at optimum connectivity on the latest firmware, and prevent any unauthorized devices or lapses in PCI compliance. And we’ll even throw in Priority Web Support for all clients.

  • WiFi Management Features:
  • Priority Web Support Ticketing
  • Dedicated WiFi Manager
  • Increased Security
  • Improved support: Revel can troubleshoot your entire network remotely
  • Revel is the only POS vendor to offer such a complete package – most systems’ PCI security ends at the terminal, and takes no account for network!