Revel Systems

Revel Systems has the iPad POS Features you need to run your business with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Our iPad point of sale is highly customization to your individual business needs, and that includes the POS features you need to maximize your business’ earning potential. Cloud-based and secure, Revel iPad POS is also feature-rich, allowing you to tailor our point of sale solution to your particular business. Revel offers its own, in-house features, providing an even more seamless point of sale solution.

Below are just some of the many features we offer:


True Offline Mode

True Offline Mode IconTrue Offline Mode enables a business to continue processing payments in the event of an Internet outage. Data will re-sync with the cloud once connectivity returns. 


Inventory Management

Inventory Management IconDetailed inventory reports can be accessed by owners and managers from anywhere, anytime. 





Payment Encryption

Payment Encryption IconSecure and PCI compliant, Revel ensures data is encrypted even before it enters the point of sale.


WiFi Management

WiFi Management IconRevel WiFi management enhances your system’s connectivity and functionality, ensuring you won’t experience any slowdown due to a bad Internet connection. 



Gift Cards

Revel Gift Cards IconRevel’s directly-integrated gift cards. are a convenient way to create and manage gift cards directly from the POS.


Delivery Management

Delivery Management IconThe Delivery Management Console allows business owners to track orders and drivers effectively. 



Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting IconRevel iPad POS offers a suite of intelligent reporting to help you manage your business efficiently and effectively. 


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device ManagementRevel’s POS comes equipped with MDM, allowing you to access your iPad POS from anywhere. 



Payroll Management

Payroll Management IconRevel offers detailed payroll information on your iPad POS, which can be accessed and managed anywhere at anytime. 


Preconfigured Hardware

Preconfigured Hardware IconRevel Systems iPad POS systems come equipped with preconfigured hardware, ensuring your system is operating at its maximum potential. 



Loyalty Program

Revel Loyalty ProgramRevel offers a loyalty program directly integrated into your iPad POS, making it easy to track and manage loyal customers. Read more here.


Catering Management

Catering Management IconThe Catering Management Console helps catering-based businesses stay organized, ensuring food is prepared on time and correctly. Read more here.



Customer Order Alert Screen

Customer Order Alert Screen IconThe Customer Order Alert Screen is a convenient and efficient way to let your customers know that their order is ready. 


Matrix Inventory

Matrix Inventory IconMatrix Inventory simplifies the retail point of sale process, enabling you to quickly locate an item and manage your extensive inventory from one easy screen.