Offline Mode

Did you know, most systems have offline mode, but Revel Systems has “True Offline Mode”. Revel Systems was designed using what we call a hybrid network architecture. Traditionally, legacy Point of Sale systems were run entirely on a local network, with an expensive, over-sized server at its center. Though your network speed was fast, the hardware was large and bulky, the networks used older technology, and maintenance was slow and expensive. And business reporting could only be accessed from within the business itself, which was inefficient and inconvenient.

Eventually, the development of Internet and cloud computing brought around the first cloud-based POS systems. Now, business owners can access their reporting and data remotely from the internet! However, while a locally-run network was fast, a cloud-based system was often inconsistent. Intermittent connectivity and still-developing WiFi technology meant your system was often slow or totally unresponsive.

From conception, Revel Systems has recognized these two major drawbacks to the different POS systems, and sought to build a system that gave all of the benefits of the two, without the drawbacks. Inspired by this, we developed a unique hybrid architecture that allows your Revel iPad POS to run on a local network, based on the Apple iPad, while still maintaining all of the benefits and convenience of a cloud-based system.

This hybrid architecture allows Revel to operate with the only True Offline Mode on the market.  This means that  even when your internet is slow or completely down, your local network will operate without any issues or interruptions. While many other systems talk about Offline Mode, Revel is the only system that delivers. No need to buy extra hardware or special equipment, and there is no loss in functionality. We call it True Offline Mode, because more often than not you won’t even notice you’ve gone into Offline Mode because there won’t be difference in your system. You can even continue to accept credit cards!* All your terminals will still communicate, all your data will be accurately stored, and you won’t lose any confidence in your system.  And Revel iPad POS is the only point of sale system who can make this claim!

* Credit Cards accepted in Offline Mode may not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. WiCloud & Revel are not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Offline Mode.