Concession/Events iPad POS

Concession & Events iPad POS

Revel Systems’ Events iPad POS is perfect for event venues, stadiums, conventions, and traveling shows of any kind. Events spaces are in need for fully mobile and completely reliable integrated systems that can handle high volume, with a user-friendly interface and quick customer turn around. Revel Systems iPad POS tracks and reports on all business activities, including employee tracking, scheduling, payroll, inventory management and detailed sales reporting. Business owners can keep tight control over their mobile sales force and incoming revenues and outgoing costs like never before.

Revel Systems offers the most robust Event POS (point-of-sale) on the market, and is the ideal solution for your concert or event. Event spaces, convention centers, or even entire stadiums are in need of a powerful and efficient–and, most importantly, mobile–point of sale solution, and Revel iPad Event POS offers just that. It has the power and functionality to help your event run smoothly and efficiently, and has the ability to scale with your business as it grows. Revel’s point of sale can handle high volumes with the utmost ease and efficiency. Our UI design is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, making the Revel iPad Event POS both easy and enjoyable to use.

Revel also offers an array of real-time reporting, allowing business owners to track the inventory and sales at their business. As an owner or manager of event spaces you can see, for example, refreshment sales in real-time, and view sales and inventory reports. You’ll also have access to employee scheduling and payroll, allowing you to monitor the productivity of your event staff.

Entirely secure and cloud-based, Revel’s iPad Event POS in fact exceeds standards set for PCI compliance. Card swipes are encrypted, ensuring that all data is secured before it even enters the POS system. Here at Revel we pride ourselves on the ability to maintain a safe and secure environment for your financial and business transactions, and the Revel iPad POS for Events package is no exception.

Revel is optimized for your event’s complete functionality and efficiency. Our iPad Event POS is feature-rich, allowing you to customize your system to your individual business needs. Online ordering, for example, enables customers to order ahead of time, lessening wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. Revel’s True Offline Mode means you won’t lose power or functionality of your point of sale event if the power or Internet were to go out.