Full Service Restaurant

Full Service Restaurant iPad POS 

Modern restaurant owners have a lot on their plate, and unseen inefficiencies can lead to potential loss of revenue. Revel iPad Restaurant POS gives business owners the ability to identify and monitor restaurant industry trends, thereby avoiding any poorly informed business decisions. Revel Systems will also help restaurant owners eschew employee theft, which can also lead to huge losses in revenue. Revel Systems iPad Restaurant Point of Sale offers an extensive suite of reporting on all business activities, including detailed sales reporting, payroll and employee scheduling, and inventory management. Business owners and managers can keep a close watch over their incoming revenues and outgoing costs, increasing both productivity and profitability.

The Revel Restaurant POS is the ultimate in quick, convenient and intuitive restaurant management software.  Orders can be set up to automatically print to kitchen stations, and there are easy and intuitive table layout screens to keep track of tables at your restaurant. With Revel’s integrated CRM system, business owners can keep records of loyal customers, enabling them to cater their services to individual needs or preferences, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction. Integrated loyalty and gift card programs allow restaurant owners to attract repeat customers and build their loyalty base. Revel also offers the option for tableside ordering on a variety of tablets, including the iPad Mini, thereby providing a custom solution for any restaurant. And with enterprise reporting, large restaurant chains or groups will have a point of sale solution that can scale with their business.

Restaurant owners are privy to the suite of cloud-based reporting that Revel iPad Restaurant POS offers. Owners and managers can also set up automatic alerts and reports as well as monitor restaurant industry trends, inform purchasing decisions, and monitor potential fraud. Support and software updates are included; therefore the restaurant owner will always have an up to date and fully functional system.

Revel Systems Point of Sale Management Console and corresponding iPad application are cloud based; all reporting and data is accessible in real time from anywhere. Our intuitive UI allows for easy viewing of table layouts, as seen below:

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