Pizza iPad POS

 Pizza iPad POS Systems

Designed specifically for pizzerias and pizza shops, the Revel Pizza Service POS is the ultimate in quick, convenient and easy to use restaurant management software for pizza shops. Orders automatically print to kitchen stations or iPad Kitchen Displays. With our integrated CRM system, business owners can track loyal customers to cater their services for increased customer satisfaction, as well as track delivery information. With modifier multipliers (double cheese, please!) and split pie capabilities, as well as an integrated Delivery Module, this system is tailored as the ultimate pizza management suite.

Revel Systems iPad POS was engineered to help you run your business in the most efficient–and profitable–fashion possible. This is a Pizza POS System! Our iPad POS for full service pizza restaurants enable you to run your business to its maximum potential. Revel’s integrated CRM system allows you to keep track of customer information, including meal preferences and delivery location, streamlines your pizza business. Owners and managers can also keep track of deliveries with Revel’s detail reporting, ensuring they are happening quickly and efficiently.

Revel’s intuitive UI design allows you to operate your Pizza POS with entire ease-of-use and efficiency. Modifier multipliers (more cheese, please!) and split pie capabilities mean that you can make your pizza orders as customizable as you’d like them to be. As with all Revel iPad POS software packages, the Pizza iPad POS solution is entirely scalable with your business, from local pizza spot to multinational chain.

Revel Systems’s iPad POS is cloud-based and entirely secure, in fact exceeding standards set for PCI Compliance. As a pizza restaurant owner, you can rest assured that your data is safe with Revel Systems. Credit card transactions are all encrypted, therefore protecting your customers’ data from any fraudulent activity or theft. Mobile Device Management enables you to keep track of all your iPad terminals remotely, further securing your business against data theft.

Revel’s iPad point of sale offers a suite of features, including True Offline Mode and third party integration. True Offline Mode ensures that your pizza restaurant POS system will not lose functionality in the event of a power outage, and our third party integrations means you can make your iPad point of sale entirely customizable to your business needs. Revel also supports online ordering, allowing you to cut down on customer wait time and increase sales and productivity.