Retail iPad POS

Retail Shop iPad POS

Designed specifically for retail establishments, the Revel Retail POS is the ultimate in quick, convenient and easy to use retail management software for brick and mortar, or even mobile retailers. With the sleek design of the iPad and Revel’s intuitive UI, our Retail POS makes a strong statement that customers will remember. With our integrated CRM system, business owners can track loyal customers as well as offer integrated gift card and reward programs.  Businesses can even integrate an eCommerce solution through our direct Shopify integration for added convenience.

Revel’s iPad Retail point-of-sale offers an extensive suite of data and reports, enabling owners and managers to keep track of sales, retail industry trends, and inventory. See what items were a hit, and which were not, and tailor your purchasing decisions accordingly. Sales reports are also available on an individual employee basis in order to calculate commissions and individual productivity. Cloud-based and secure, these reports are available anytime, anywhere.

Revel’s built-in CRM system allows you to keep track of loyal customers and their individual preferences, enabling you to build your customer loyalty base. The Revel iPad POS for Retail offers mobile POS units—such as iPad Minis—enabling employees to check out customers from the floor, as well as update inventory instantly, increasing your retail shop’s productivity and profitability at the same time.Because it is cloud-based, Revel’s iPad Point of Sale is both secure and efficient. Reports are accessible from anywhere, and business owners can rest assured that their data is secure, and their POS system PCI compliant. Revel’s Offline Mode ensures that your business will not lose functionality during an Internet or power outage and continue to process payments and run your retail business as usual.

Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale is the ideal solution for running your retail location at its utmost potential. In-depth reporting enables you to keep track of your business, and Revel’s Retail POS solution is entirely scalable—growing with your business as it expands.